Dresden - BioInnovationsZentrumDresden

The BioInnovationsZentrum is a business incubator which unites the advantages of research and industry, creating the basis for cooperation on a whole new level. Synergies are precisely defined and their use efficiently organised. The BioInnovationsZentrum strengthens connections between industrial institutions, the University of Technology and non-university research institutes. This "Innovation Alliance" provides the financing and infrastructure needed to put this exciting research mission into practice. A unique selling point for the centre is its unusually diverse range of service facilities. As well as a comprehensive equipment pool, various services, provided centrally, enable our tenants to save time and money, increasing their efficiency. One special feature of the Dresden's development as a biotech location is the focus on the location's clearly-defined profile: molecular bio-engineering.



Chemnitz - Technologie Centrum Chemnitz

The Technologie Centrum Chemnitz GmbH (TCC) is a subsidiary company of the city of Chemnitz and the Technische Universität Chemnitz. Its main goal is the support of young companies and start-ups to enhance their growth. The TCC offers business locations which comply with the needs of high-technology companies, as well as in technical infrastructure as in flexibility regarding expansion. Starting up a company and its growth is supported by the TCC on one hand through a broad german-wide network containing partners specialised in support of start-ups and on the other hand through networking of tenants within the TCC.


Freital - Technologie- und Gründerzentrum Freital

The Technologie- und Gründerzentrum Freital GmbH (Technology and startup centre Ltd.) was founded in 2011 with the goal of building a technology and startup centre in the major county town of Freital, but not only to provide young startup companies in the region with ideal starting conditions. An industrial park will also be built nearby by 2014 in order to meet the future needs of the companies when they expand.

The Technologie- und Gründerzentrum Freital GmbH is both builder as well as organizer of this infrastructure project, and is a subsidiary of the major county town of Freital.



Biotechnology and biomedicine have a high priority in Leipzig. The BIO CITY LEIPZIG is a strong symbol of this, alongside the support and financial engagement of the city. This has created an exemplary biotechnology-biomedical center in which business, science and research live and work with one another. A place where science is not only shared, but increased. A place where young companies set new standards in biotechnology, biomedicine and health care together with professors from the University of Leipzig. Welcome to a city which provides all of the necessities for peak performance with uniquely favourable conditions. With its office and laboratory facilities, conference center and additional facilities, it presents the ideal location for companies to successfully develop their future technologies.


Radeberg - Gewerbegebiet Pillnitzer Straße Ost, Radeberg


Well-known life science companies are located in the municipal business area Pillnitzer Straße Ost in Radeberg, for instance Medos Medizintechnik AG, Sabeu Kunststoffwerke Northeim GmbH, CUP Laboratorien Dr. Freitag GmbH, elva-tec Radeberger Reinraumsysteme GmbH and MEGADENTA Dentalprodukte GmbH.


Radeberg - Biotech-Campus auf der Juri-Gagarin-Straße, Radeberg

The Juri-Gagarin-Straße in Radeberg is an innovative and globally active Biotech-Campus. Companies like B. Braun Avitum Saxonia GmbH, ALPHA PLAN GmbH, Sabeu Kunststoffwerke Northeim GmbH and Synergy Health Radeberg GmbH are situated here.


Radeberg - ROTECH-Technologiezentrum Rossendorf/Radeberg

The technology center ROTECH was founded 1995 and is located at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf. Its main goal is the support of technology transfer of research results from the facilities of Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf. Start-ups will be stimulated and supported by a state-of-the-art infrastructure for science and technology.


Radebeul - Pharmapark Radebeul

You look for equipped laboratories and offices for all requirements of life sciences? The Pharmapark Radebeul offers state-of-the-art locations for multiple technological applications. The Pharmapark has long-time experience in running different laboratories as well as in operating technical facilities and equipment.




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